Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yuvraj singh 6 sixes in an over [video]

At the end of the 18 over Flintoff had a heated argument with Yuvi, things could have got dirty had umpires not intervened but whatever flintoff had said didn't go very well with yuvi as he went blitzerg with his bat.And it was poor broad who was at the receiving end of Yuvraj singh's thunder as he smashed him 1, 2, 3.......6 times over the fence, all the hits were sweetly timed and one of them went out of the ground.Its amazing how events turn in this game of cricket, it was Yuvraj who got the similar treatment at the hands of Dimitri or whatever his name is.Flintoff must have kicked his own butt in the dressing room, and the way he was shaking his head when Yuvi hit broad for the six number, it was evident that fredie was already regretting his blunder of provoking Yuvi

With this feat yuvraj singh has become first player ever to hit 6 sixes in an over.Ofcourse this has been done before by Gary sobers and Ravi shashtri in club games and Hershele gibbs did it in last world cup against a game against hapless scotland bowler.All of them had hit sixes of a spinner but yuvraj singh becomes the first player to do it against a fast bowler which is great achievement

Yuvraj singh now also holds the record for scoring fastest 50 in a T20 cricket


Kalpesh Kamath Always Be Cool !!!! said...

Excellent Yuvraj it was just amazing and also do the record for hitting sixes all over the ground against a front line Fast Bowler CHAK DE INDIA !!!

Kalpesh Kamath Always Be Cool !!!! said...

Well Done Yuvraj its amazing to hit 6 sixes in one over off the front line fast bowler CHAK DE INDIA !!! repeat the said with the Australian bowlers and bring the T20 World Cup to India