Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Politicians and the babus hog the limelight instead of cricketers

It was supposed to be the felicitation of cricketers for their great performance but posters on the streets of mumbai suggested as if it were a rally of NCP.When they reached the stadium all the fucking politicians were sitting on the front row as if these babus had won the world cup, sitting in..... the second row none of the cricketers were visible.What was more shocking was the statement by R.R patil who suggested that all the credit must go to shri shri sharad pawar, well to his information, BCCI didn't want to participate in the T20 world cup in the first place

It would have been better, if BCCI had invited all the past member s of 1983 winning world cup team

Check out this video from last year Champions trophy, lot of people criticized ponting and his players for pushing aside pawar from the podium, and felt bad for Sharad pawar, but now I wish they should had kicked him out of there.

during the presentatin of T20 world cup, the guy who handed the trophy to Dhoni, left the podium within seconds, leaving players to enjoy themselves, when Sharad pawar got shagged by the aussies he was asking for it