Sunday, July 08, 2007

Japanese Toy Maker Nikko Produces R2D2 DVD Projector-pics

Toy maker Nikko has come out with a video projector and
DVD player in one package that looks
just like, no drum roll needed, the pint-sized robot with the
liking for blue and silver. In the spirit of all things from
another galaxy the remote control unit looks like a miniature
Millennium Falcon, the spaceship that also grabbed its share of
the limelight without the need for vocal cords. The whole R2D2
unit weighs in at 8 kg and measures 34×33×52 cm and costs
388,000 yen. The device includes an iPod dock and a memory card
reader. The projector, which shines forth from the top of
R2D2’s metallic skull ala his debut in the original “Star
Wars”, is a DLP with XGA resolution, 1500 lumens and a contrast ratio
of 1800:1.