Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Dinner In The Sky

Belgian Dinner in the Sky offers event organizers a new way to make their event highly memorable: a table, with 22 seated guests, is suspended from a crane. The specially built table is surrounded by chairs of the type usually found on roller coasters, with four-point seat belts. Hoisted 50 meters (164 feet) above ground, safety is a reasonable concern.

Safely buckled up and floating mid-air, guests can enjoy a meal or meeting, with three chefs, waiters, presenters and/or entertainers standing in an open area in the centre of the table.

Table, crane, logistic and security staff are available for EUR 7900 for an eight hour
session, which can be organized anywhere a large crane can be placed.Selling a thrilling edge and aerial view, this could be the next big thing for Sweet Sixteen parties and corporate brainstorming session. One for the events industry to look
into! Just don't look down...

Selected by in its ranking of the 10 most unusual restaurants in the world


Adam said...

What if you drop a fork?