Saturday, June 02, 2007

Why new proposed rules by ICC sucks

Look at these new rules proposed by the ICC committee for the future ODIs.
All of these rules will make cricket even more pro batsmen, which it already is anyways.It should be an even contest between the bat and the bowl, but the following rules will only cripple the bowlers furthermore.In their defense ICC says that,"People like to see 4's and 6's in an ODI", true but only the big shots doesn't make the game interesting.May be ICC wants to make 400 runs scored on a regular basis

Lets have look at the rules

1. The use of Powerplays should continue but an additional fielder (making three in total instead of the current limit of two) should be allowed outside the 30 yard circle during the second or third Powerplay

I really have no objection for this rule, but again, how much difference will one more fielder make

2. The captain of the batting side should be able to choose when to take one of the Powerplays

This is absolutely ridiculous, giving batting side to choose when to take one of the powerplay, I am pretty damn sure everyone of them will choose the last five overs, where bowlers will find themselves helpless as the batsmen will have the license to kill, and the poor bowlers will get hammered around

3. A free hit should be introduced for the delivery that follows a front-foot no-ball

For the benefit of those who have never heard of free hit before,It means that "After the noball is bowled batsmen is provided with a chance to have go at the next ball, in an attempt of hitting a big shot, if he gets out that does not count", This ruling is already used in twenty twenty cricket.Again the poor bowler who gets hurt

4. There should be a mandatory change of ball after 35 overs.

Now this one is the worst of them all,making it mandatory to change bowl after 35 overs would mean that we won't be able to see any reverse swing, which is the most vital weapon for the fast bowlers to use in the final overs

To say that ICC is run by bunch of idiots would be an understatement,remember the world cup debacle.The way ICC function can put even the corrupted Indian bureaucracy to shame.In an attempt to make cricket more entertaining they are inventing a whole new game.I am really surprised that Sunil gavaskar is the head of that committee, but again he is a batsmen