Saturday, May 12, 2007


A bonsai is not a genetically dwarfed plant. It is any tree or shrub species actively growing but kept small through a combination of pot confinement, and crown and root pruning. Any tree or shrub with the right training and care could become a Bonsai with time, but some plants are more sought-after for use as bonsai material because they have several characteristics that make them appropriate for the smaller design arrangements of bonsai.Wiki


Sean from said...

I have recently bought my first bonsai tree. I am trying to grow my own from seeds but in the meantime I had to go out and buy a ready-made one.

I bought a Ficus Retusa, aka Banyan, aka Indian Laurel, aka Fig tree. It was recommended to me as a good tree for beginners as it is a good survivor; it works well as an indoor tree, it tolerates poor light and is hard to kill.

Another advantage is that cuttings from it root easily so you have the chance to create your own bonsai.

I have mine for just over a week now. So far things are working fine. It did experience some yellowing of leaves and leaf loss but apparently this is normal enough when it is moved into a new environment.