Sunday, May 27, 2007

Amazing video of a 5 storied building leaning and then falling in Surat, Gujarat

It was like a leaning tower. A four storeyed building in Surat had started tilting few days back and ultimately collapsed today morning. Though no one was injured as people vacated the premises sensing some trouble.

According to official sources the Firdaus building on the busy Ring road was damaged during the last year floods. The civic authorities had declared it to be dangerous but the shopkeepers and few residents were using it. Today morning when a shopkeeper tried to open the shutter of his shop he could not lift it. Others also faced similar problems. They informed the fire brigade and vacated the building.

Police cordoned off the area and before the authorities could act the building collapsed like a pack of cards. Curious onlookers blocked the road and police had hard time controlling them.

An Amazing Live Video Of A 5 Storied Building Which Leaned And C - video powered by Metacafe