Tuesday, November 07, 2006

If All The Big Multi-Nationals Sell...CONDOM

Nokia Condoms : Connecting People

MRF Condoms : Extra Rubber Extra Mileage

Moov Condoms : Ah Se Ahaa Tak

Mirinda Condom : Zor Ka Jhatka Dhire Se Lage

Hero Honda Condom : Fill It Shut It Forget It

Lux Condoms : Filmi Sitaron Ki Pasand

Bajaj Condoms : Buland Bharat Ki Buland Tasveer

Kelvinator Condoms : Its The Coolest One

Philips Condom : Lets Make Things Better

Onida Condom : Neighbours Envy Owners Pride

Pepsi Condom : Hooo haaa in**********dia

Thumbs Up Condom : Taste The Thunder

Coca Cola Condom : Eat Condom,Sleep Condom Wear Only Coca Cola Condom or as aamir says its safe

Ariel Condom : Dhundate Rahe Jaogaye

Rotomac Condom : Sabkuch Dikhta Hai

Servo Condom : Use Servo Add Life

CEAT Condom : Born Tough

Amul Condom : A Gift For Someone You Love

BPL Condom : Beleive In The Best

Nike Condom : Just Do It.

Visa Condom : Go Get It

Bagpiper Condom : Khub Jamegi Masti Jab Mil Bayethenge Teen Yaar Mai
Aap Aur Bagpipier Condom

Polo Condom : A Condom With A Hole

Colgate Condom : Maa Mere Condom Me Ched Hai, Ched Nahibeta Sadan Hai

Cadbury(Flavoured)Condom : Asli Swad Jindagi Ka

Prestige Cooker Condom : Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyare Woh Condom Se
Kaise Kare Inkar

Wills Condom : Official Sponsor Of Indian Cricket Team

Minto Condom : The Whole Condom

Sony Condom : Its A Condom

Surf Condom : Bhala Uska Condom Mere Condom Se Safed Kaise

Iodex Condom: ooh aah ouch sai chutkara


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