Friday, July 28, 2006

Pakistan riding on bollywood:makes 400 billion rupees

Pakistan govt may have put the gag or ban on the release of hindi movies in pakistani theatres because of their stupid reasons but its not a hidden fact that any common pakistani can get access to the latest hindi movie thanks to the pirates of dubai.

This isn’t a new phenomenon cuz its been going on since decades. In 70’s 80’s the video cassetes were smuggled from india for the rich pakistanis even benazir bhutto admitted that she used to watch movies on those cassetes, but over the last decades there have been shocking turn of events cuz now its the pakis who smuggle vcds of our own movies into our country.

This has virtually crippled the indian cinema cuz now silver jubilee or a golden jubilee of a movie is a distant dream and you can forget about platinum jubilee. Its such a pity that now days producers start to celebrate the success of their movie even if it does well in the first week. Here is the shocking info – the dubai karachi mumbai trafficking of films and soudtracks nets the pakis 400 billion indian rupees a year and its growing rapidly, and we are virtually giving it to them on the platter.

We cant expect govt to fight piracy as long people in this coutry are willing to use pirated vcds.