Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Discrimination or concern

Indian army chief dismissed the allegation laid against the Indian forces for discrimination against the women in the army although he did admit that there were certain cases of women being sexually harassed or molested a decade after the Indian armed forces began inducting women officers into active service, more and more young women are opting to join the defense forces. They have trained alongside men, made good officers and carved a place for themselves in what was perhaps the last male bastion they are not welcome when it comes to direct war situation,some woman organizations media and few politicians seems to be in favor of women assigned these task,along with accusing Indian army for discrimination
But army chief showed disappoint because of the short sightdness of all these people as he claims that its not the discrimination but the concern that he has for the woman in the army,even if woman is physically capable of carrying out such tasks but it doesn't seem feasible at the moment,he further demonstrated his point of view by this example like imagine if a woman has to spent days in a bunker with all the other male companions well the situation doesn't sound very good does it and the we all know what happens to prisoner of war and if that happens to be a woman then god help what might happen to her,because of these reasons its virtually impossible to have women soldiers in infantry